Textbox commands

Does anyone know if there is a command to switch lines in a text box? Or it is only possible to add texts next to each other!

sorry, I do not understand, you might want to elaborate...

please elaborate

please elaborate


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Hello Taifun, thanks for trying to help me. I would like to be able to place text items in a text box one below the other, just like we see in a list picker. Did I express myself better now?

One of the ways to do that is putting \n


Sometimes \n may not work for example in a notifier. In this case you can try putting image (HTML format).

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Ticking Multiline Should work probably

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Thank you Akpha2020. I will try this suggestion.

kunj_thakker, I think that this appointment alone will not solve my need, in any case I appreciate your attempt to help me.

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Thank you Alpha2020. His guidance was perfect.

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