Text error In List

When you select a text which you have typed in a list, and scroll down, it comes on the text like when you scroll it somes with your mouse


Can you show us?

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Please send a screenshot/video of the bug you're facing.

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Select the text and scroll your mouse.

Thant also happens when I zoomed in and type a text block.

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Yes, I forgot to mention that

It reminds me of the fellow who visited his doctor and complained "It hurts when I do this" and then bangs his head on the wall.

The doctor answers "Don't Do That".


I've seen it a while ago. In my opinion, this is a good solution, because when you edit a field, you can see what you enter into it, even after scrolling. It does not bother at all.


It's possible this is fixed in a newer version of Blockly. @ellelili2025 is working on an updated version, so we can verify this once we have a beta version.


Thank you for the reply, Please update me when the beta version is released.
Can I be part of beta testing

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