Taking a picture in a certain time

I need to make an app that take picture in the exact time of 20:30.
I already did what i need to take picture but i couldn't find how to make the camera take picture in that time.

There is the camera extension to take a picture programmatically

And there is the alarmmanager extension to autostart your app at a given time

See the limitations of the autostart feature in the documentation


Those solution are not free... i am looking for free solution without using external extension

Please show a screenshot of your solution to take a picture programmatically, I.e. without button click and without using an extension

For doing something at a given time without extension you will have to keep your app up and running without going to sleep, which obviously will drain your battery...

There are old solutions without extensions to do this, for example to use a videoplayer continuously playing an invisible video, see an example here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Countdown | Pura Vida Apps


I want the camera to take picture and display it on the screen.

With your solution you always have to press a button to take a picture...

As far as I know the camera extension is the only solution which is able to take a picture programmatically


What about the Pro Camera extension?

I don't know... I never tried it...
Is that extension able to take pictures programmatically without button click?