Take a picture and save to ASD file

I When take the picture I try save to file of ASD.
Here is my block

Background is empty.

Post all relevant blocks.

And let us know if you're using an extension - and if so, which ones.

Set picture to Canvas Backgraund

Save Canvas to ASD file (0.jpg)

to check save is OK I read saved file


Extension = DownloadToASD

Do not change the name of the extension!

I use this Extension

I can not the change the name

Canvas needs a relative path if DefaultFileScope is set to Shared or Legacy. If DefaultFileScope is set to App you only need to set the fileName to 0.jpg to save it in the ASD.

I didn't invent this approach. It is as it is. I definitely would have done it differently (and easier to understand).

My DefaultFileScope is set to App.
Here is my test:

without success

I didn't check it, but Canvas.BackgroundImage needs probably an absolute or full path.

What is the goal of your app?
And post the aia or better a small test aia.

not tested, but this maybe is a time issue.
Run **do it ** on each block to see it working or not.


The basic idea is to save the picture.
I need it for the next screen.

What I show in the example is checking if the picture is saved.

Which picture (image from Camera or 0.jpg)?

DefaultFileScope = App:

or with DefaultFileScope = Shared:

Here is sample for test

savepic.aia (9.2 KB)

Here TakePicture, resize the dimensions with the extension of @TIMAI2 and save it in ASD/Picture