TaifunCamera extension. Help on parameter

Using Taifun camera extension, I use Camera Parameters to get the list of parameters. There is the supported still camera resolutions: picture-size-values, and there is also the list of preview-size-values.

What I do not understand is why preview-size=1920x1080 as for still picture aspect ratio is 4:3 and this size is not listed in preview-size-values?

I also do find a block to set / change the preview-size; is there a way to change it?

Thanks a lot

Is it not this?


Ooooops, you are right 1920x1080 is in the preview list. That's my mistake.

However, I would like to have a preview size with a 4:3 aspect ratio for image / still picture such as 1920x1440 or 1600x1200 ....

Is there a way to change the preview size ? This feature does not seem to exist in Camera extension.

my extension does not use a preview, it takes pictures programmatically without user interaction, so therefore there also is not a method to set it

you only can set the width and height of the picture using the corresponding properties


I understand that your extension has been developped to take picture without preview and you do not need to set preview size.
Would it be a large work to add this feature? I am interested even if it would not be a free extension :wink:

Unfortunately I could not find a method in the documentation to set this


OK, I see.

Two extra questions:

  • I neeed to make sure the arrangement I use for the viewfinder has the same aspect ratio than the viewfinder (16:9 / 1920x1080) to have a correct viewfinder ?
  • If the viewfinder is 16:9 aspect ratio while the image is 4:3, does it mean that viewfinder crop the image from the camera (half top and bottom), and that the shot image will include part (top and bottom) that were not shown in viewfinder?

Do you plan to develop a new camera extension based on Camera2 or CameraX API?

Thank you very much for your help and support

I do not know what happens in this case... just do a test to find itout...

There already is an extension available


Thanks a lot.

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