Taifun TM extension for appinventor with a huawei y5p Android 10


I use the extension Taifun TM in an appinventor app.

I noticed that no version will work with a Huawei Y5p (Android 10).

I want to use the call SimSerialNumber

I will get the error:

getlccSerialNumber: The user 10121 does not meet the requirements to access divece identifiers.
Hope someone can help me how I can solve this problem.

I have tested it also on a huawei mate 10 pro. There all works fine.



(screenshots added directly into the thread by Taifun)

Hello @haiflosse & @Taifun,

This is intended behavior for Q and newer; Value is only meant to be used by system apps.

See below post:

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interesting, thank you for letting me know...


PS: I added the screenshots directly into the thread... much easier to see them directly now...

You're very welcome. I advise you to look at this so that if you have any other blocks which use the specified Device Identifiers, you are able to fix the errors.

I now added a note into the documentation
probably later I will try to return an empty string to avoid the error message for devices running on Android 10 or later... something for the to do list... :wink:



Thanks for the answer.
My english is not the best.
As I understand Taifun you will crete a new version to fix this problem - is this correct?
kindly regards

yes, this is correct, it will return an empty string for Android >= 10 then...
however I do not know, when I will find time to fix that issue...
meanwhile you can check yourself, if the device is an Android 10 device using the tools extension and its API level method

if API Level >= 29
then return empty string
else get the serial number



Thanks for your answer.
I understand.
In the meantime I will create a special app only for this phone with a special serialnumber.
Hope you find time to solve the problem in near future.
kindly regards