Taifun Image Extension

i can to try the TaifunImage extension for risize a picture. In the my app i use camera and in the event AfterPicture i want to use the method Resize of TaifunImage extension and i take the path of the picture from "value of image", but the method return an error: "file to risize not exist".
How can i do?

see here

you need to rename your image from *.png to *.jpg, then the extension will be able to resize the image.

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I found out about this problem due to another reason. My Camera (Samsung Galaxy S7) takes a jpg picture, but it is put into a folder like xxxx/My%20Documents/yyyy. To resize it, I have to replace %20 by a blank to make the image accessible for TaifunImage.Resize.

The png naming bug is now fixed. The camera now returns a jpg as of n190a

Hi, I seem to have another variant of this difficulty on an Android 13 device. Here are my commented blocks:

I get a "the file to resize does not exist" and the extension goes to create an entire new directory path in the ASD, starting from a "file:" directory.
Did I do something wrong ?

remove 'file://' from the file name?

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you already received your answer here

no need to double post


This worked with version 5, thanks Kevinkun !

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