Taifun Camera Not working after new release


Since App Inventor nb168 was introduced, I can't take photographs with Taifun's Camera Extension. Tested on Device ???? Android 11.

Device Name: OnePlus Nord2 5G

Logcat Report:

EndlessCamLogcat.txt (17.8 KB)


Note: WRITE permission does no longer exist on Android 11.

Thank you for your reply Anke.

After removing the WRITE permission, the app the working but this won't work on other android versions..?

Show all relevant blocks.

I have uploaded them here in the first post...

And again: all relevant blocks

I downloaded them with 'Download all blocks as image' option, so it really should download all the blocks

Ok, I got it.

You don't need WRITE permission if you save the picture in the ASD.
But you saved the picture in the external storage:

and you used a relative path. I'm not sure, if the extension can also handle a relative path (but as @Taifun has shown in his block for the ASD he used an absolute path:

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you are storing the taken image in /Pictures
why don't you follow the already given advice and store it in the ASD?
see also Q2 https://puravidaapps.com/camera.php#q
also as starting with SDK30 only CAMERA permission is required, you can simplify your blocks, see also the already updated timelapse example there https://puravidaapps.com/camera.php



Can you please answer this.

yes, the extension can also handle relative paths


Thanks, I will try this :grin:

Hi Anke,

This actually works but I need to save the image in external storage which would need this permission. So, what about the permission rejection?

As I have said often enough, WRITE permission no longer exists on Android 11. Therefore it is impossible(*) to save in external storage. But you can move the image from the ASD to the shared storage, e.g. to /Pictures.

(*) Only with MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, which Google most likely will not grant.

Read this:

Great thanks @Anke for your help :relaxed: