Storing and retrieving list of lists in tinyDB

I understand the concept of “list of lists”, but I have big problems understanding how to use it and which blocks to choose so I hope somebody will help be and make an example to make it clear to me.
Under the tag “playlistnames” I want to store a list of names.
Under each of these names I want to store a list of URL’s.
Which blocks do I use when storing and retrieving respectively a name and a URL’s list?

This should give you an idea of how to handle things. The easiest way is to save the entire list of lists to a tag…


You can also use multiple TinyDB NameSpaces instead of lists of lists,
For your application, you could use two TinyDBs,
tag/value = playlist name/list of song names in that playlist,
tag/value = song name/songURL

Thanks guys. You’re great ! :slight_smile:

Something a little more basic, just in case:

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