Storage and Reset Password

Hello everyone,
I have a few questions about storage space and sending reset password emails.

1. If I exceed the app storage limit (I think 5 MB?) and even more data is stored, will the oldest piece of data be removed in place of the one just stored?
If not, then what happens to the data?

2. Is there a way to upgrade storage space on my app?
My app allows users to create accounts using CloudDB. I may need more storage space on my app if too many people create accounts.

3. Is there a way to send reset password emails from my app?
I am looking for a way to reset users' passwords and I'm thinking about sending an automated email with a link that users can use to reset their password. Also, how would I generate the link?

Help would be greatly appreciated.


What do you mean by "app storage"?
There is a limit to files uploaded to the assets (5MB). See also here and here.

Do components count toward the limit too? In my app's case, I was wondering if the CloudDB tags and values for the accounts count toward the limit. If they do, what will happen if I am at the maximum amount of keys / values until I am above the limit and another user creates an account? Is there a way to solve this problem such as getting more storage space if it's possible?

Components will add a small amount of size. The 5mb limit is an individual file size. The ai2 server will allow an app up to 30mb (including all app overheads so realistically @ 27mb of assets, the code server will allow 50 mb. See @Anke 's guide for making larger apps with more assets.

This has no impact of your aia / APK / AAB size.
See also here:

Thank you @Anke and @TIMAI2 , now I understand. :slight_smile: I will try saving space on my app and reducing the amount of assets needed. As for my reset password question, is there no way to send reset password emails from the app?

Have a look at some of the email solutions available for AI2

The rest is just about your logic and blocks in the app

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