Spinner with none selected item

I use the spinner where I can choose differnt items.
But always when I open the spinner the first is already selected.
Is there a solution that no item is selected.
Maybe it is possible to use only a text or heading for the first item which can not select.
Hope somebody can help me.
kindly regards

How do you get the spinner to look like that ?
Are you using AI2, or another distribution / component / extension?

Thanks for the answer.
The example is only what I mean not from ai2.
I want the first item a text or heading to informe to choose the items below.

Use the “Prompt” in the Designer for the Spinner, the first item in the list will be selected, though

Thanks for your answer.
The prompt is only a heading.
But the first item is still selected when I create the spinner with spinner1.elementsfromstring.
kindl regards

The way I usually handle the spinner is:

Nothing in Prompt
Heading is first item in List
Selection Index set to 1
(Nothing will happen if the user selects item 1, the spinner just closes)
After selecting you need to reset selection.index to 1

I tend to use a button to call the spinner to prevent an unwanted selection, you will have to keep the spinner visible, but you can set it to 1x1 pixels.

A few situations where the spinner arrow, when set to 1x1pixels in size, can be made to “disappear” with Device Default theme…

  • Place the spinner directly on a screen that is aligned left
  • Place the spinner to the first component on the left inside a horizontal arrangement that is set to fill parent, aligned left
  • Place the spinner to the right of another component inside a horizontal arrangement and set the horizontal arrangement to vertically centred

I have a similar problem. How can I make the Spinner reset the selection?

For example, in one of the points I have "Select time" and everything is fine the first time I call the Spinner from the button, but when I want to select the time again without changing the screen, the selection remains on "Select time" and that's it. I can't get the clock to toss me again

thanks for answering me so quickly! it was very helpful

You can use the following block