Something is wrong UV sensor, Bluetooth ardiuno , and Mit app

If you are not receiving any data on a BlueTooth terminal app, the problem is not with your AI2 app, but with your sketch or your hardware.

I'm not a hardware guy (@Chrisward, @uskiara, @Ghica , ...)

Check for crossed tx and rx wires and wrong voltages.

Post your hardware and wiring setup here.


as @ABG has said, please check the connection between Arduino board and shield (don't care if in the annexed image you find a NANO and a HC06. the same applies to UNO and HC05.
Just take care to cross the wires. The other hint @ABG ha already given you, that is to use Serial Bluetooth Terminal free app, is important to discriminate whether your Arduino side is working (transmitting) properly or not.

HC06 Connection_3_3VDC.pdf (714.6 KB)
In the meanwhile I try to find another topic where I had annexed a complete working package (App and ino codes) so you can give it a try.

EDIT: I've found the old topic:

Please have a look to my answer #25

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Thank you very much
you were right the fault lies in the wires

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many thanks for your feedback.
I've set therefore @ABG's response as the solution :slight_smile:

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