Some basics on Android storage system


Maybe, but try to open the ASD on your (Android 11) device:
No files available.
I can see them connecting the device via USB to my PC.

So how will cameras, scanner handlers, create pdf, word, excel and much more work? File manager programs will also cease to exist? In my opinion, it is too much of a blockage. I like systems with freedom like on a PC and not limited to the maximum.


not any, but some...

everything is explained in the link, @Anke already provided
in short: it will be more complicated...

I agree...



So I don't think we can say "you can't" You can, but it's more complicated. But I think our Java programmers who make extensions will be able to handle it :wink: . It was a shame when google bought an android. Now they tell people how to use the phone, they will soon be telling how to live ... although they already know too much about our lives ...


exactly... we will try to help to provide a solution as easy as possible... :muscle:


Yes, read some comments here, then you know what users think of it.


That won't be a Windows or Apple Computer then :wink:



Yes, but the wind is changing right now (also for Windows, Apple & Co) and wonderful times of freedom are coming (without lies, electoral fraud, oppression, C-restrictions, opinion terrorism, ...) - I've been very confident for a long time ... (many will be very surprised).

It all depends on the US election and this has already been decided.
Does anyone want to bet for whom?

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Very Helpful! Thank you!
But shame on Google for scoped storage...


I think Windows is less restrictive when it comes to file systems and accessing them, installing applications, etc.
Google is moving towards controlling its users and wants to be present even where it is not needed. Well, but you know - money and masking for the "good of users".

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By the way, does anybody know when will AI2 target API 30? Is there any announcement about this?

Yes, AI2 has to target API 30 before August 2021, because targetSdkVersion=30 is required for

  • new apps from → August 2021 and
  • updates from → November 2021

You must also publish apps with the (new) Android App Bundle ( AAB ) format.

Thank you, but i'm curious about the AI2 team plan to implement it, not the deadline, but never mind, i'm starting to prepare my apps for this change.
One more question.

The ASD can only be accessed by your app and is automatically removed when the app is uninstalled.

What about reinstall without uninstall? Logically it is stays in case of app update, but i ask to be sure.

Yes, but how about trying it yourself?

That maybe, but Apps that circumvent the new security measures will be rejected for distribution via Google Play Store.

I don't have android 11 so I can't really get to know all the new limitations and features. But I think if there are still file manager applications in the Play Store, it will be possible. Unless all file manager applications are gone?

How do you access these filepaths on your android?

See e.g. here:

I use AndExplorer on my Android 11 device, see and actions everything it did back on Android 7, just can't access some files in the ASDs of compiled apps from my memory.

I understand. Can this file explorer move files, folders, rename, edit text files?