Slider position changed not working

Hi, so I've ran into an issue where my slider doesn't send the thumb value when I change its position. This slider is to turn a servo on my RC car. I am using an extension called SliderTools to make the slider center when you let go of the slider to center the servo again. But the value just stays at 190 (the middle of the slider). I also added a label that shows the current value of the slider.

RC_Auto_copy.aia (788.7 KB)

Try to use Slider tools extension by @Ken

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Hi, with the extension you recommended it still doesn't work. Here's the code with your extension:

Try using the variable, like this:

Edit: Also be sure to set min and max in SliderTools

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Thanks, It seems I forgot to change the min and max value from the slidertool itself. It's all working now. :slight_smile:

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