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From @Taifun

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To turn a decimal number into a numerator and denominator,

  • split the number at '.'
    • if the resulting list has only 1 item,
      • then the numerator is item 1 and the denominator is 1.
      • else
        • set local power = 10 ^ (text length of item 2)
        • numerator = original number * power
        • denominator = power

Example with 3.14 as original number
Split at '.' to get list [3,14]
Length ('14') = 2
power = 10 ^ 2 = 100
numerator = 3.14 * 100 = 314
denominator = 100

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Yes you're right, but this is what I get.


Usually you might want to get a whole number as a decimal result, but that's ok.

Also, the fraction can be simplified. In the screenshot below, the top result is with built-in blocks, the next one is the extension.


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That's an interesting counterexample (math block 0.124354)

I think it failed in my code because of the inexact nature of AI2 floating point numbers.
split at decimal fail

Thanks, that was fun.

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