Simple CRUD with Google Sheets and Apps Script (fixes Hay Kel flaws...)

Does the error arise after you select "Yes" in the notifier ?

There is no list from csv table block in my blocks, have you added one somewhere ?

No, when I say "Read All Data"

This happened when I created a new record.

Can you answer this ?

I did not use "List from CSV Table".
Where should I use in my blocks?

You indicated this as an error - how is this error shown ?

I am now confused as to what you are doing?

I get this error


OK, we are back where we started.

Show the entire responseContent:

Have you correctly deployed the apps script ?

Read again

And check that you have correctly deployed your app script:

And again:

Is it too difficult to set the responseContent to a Label, then get the content of the label and post it here ?

Also, have you checked that you have deployed your apps script correctly ?


The problem was solved (when I copy it to everyone)
I installed Crudq II, I want to use filtering instead of SQL query. How can I do it?

Explain what it is you want to do. The whole point of using SQL queries is to return the data you want...