Signing an AAB with a wrong keystore - error from Play Developer console

Hello. Google has warned me that my account will be deleted unless I update one of my apps. When I'm trying to upload a new version it looks like this:

Translated from Swedish It means something like: "The AAB-archive has been signed with the wrong key. Sign the archive with the right key and try again"

I've been searching the forum but It either doesn't make any sense or requires me to use Android studio, something I know nothing about.

This post seems to be about something similar, but It looks nothing like that on my Console page. What's confusing is that the line in top of the picture, next to the green "ok"-sign says "signed with Google Play". I don't know how to find the "opt in" in step 2. Note that I'm not creating an new app but trying to uppload a new versin to a existing app.

I hope someone out there can help me. Pardon my bad English.

  • When was the app last updated?
  • How was the last app version uploaded, as APK or as AAB?
  • Open "App Bundle Explorer" in your Google Play Developer console and take a screenshot and post it here.

The red "!" is a notification about what I mentioned above, that I need to do update.

  • Was the app (the AAB update) built with the same builder?
  • Has the keystore been deleted, overwritten or changed in the meantime.
  • If yes, is there a backup of the old (original) keystore (android.keystore) that the app was signed with before/from the beginning?
  • Yes (?), built with Appinventor, the "build" button.
  • No, but, I don't even know what a keystore is, can't remember ever trying to tamper with that. When I created the app 2021 (as you can see) I tried different test versions, now I'm trying to do the same thing, just upload a new version. But It fails.

Hmm, It´'s not the same project in Appinventor though, I started a new one because I didn't want to screw up the old one by mistake. May this be the problem?

What does this mean? It must be the same project, at least it must have the same projekt name (example: myApp.aia - project name: myApp). Otherwise the package name would be different and the app cannot be updated. Have you changed your AI2 account, i.e. created a new one?

Ah, of course! Yes, the package name is different cuz I did a copy of the project and started a new one called "1.1". Ha ha, I'll look in to this and see if I can fix it, got complete panic when they talked about deleting my account.
Maybe I'll come back for more questions later, but thanks for now!

@Anke is it the same package name if app created via ai2, code or test server


Yes, and that's why I asked


Same project name this time. Same problem...

Which builder did you use to compile your last app update version?

And, thinking about it (if it's important) I might have used another on for the original version back in 2021. If I remember correctly; It was when AAB:s was new and the "build AAB"-option didn't exist, though it did in some beta-version for the AI2, so I logged in there to compile my AAB.

Ok, then

  1. save the current keystore of the basic server (of your AI2 account) ( - :exclamation:IMPORTANT :exclamation:

  2. login here:

  3. export your keystore from there

  4. import it into AI2 (basic server)

  5. increase the version code and

  6. build the AAB and upload it.

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Yes, that's it! Thank you so much @Anke! You saved my day, my week, my life.

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I have moved your thread to a new topic.

in that case shouldn't it say that the package name is wrong and not the signing error