Show me last Location (with other users .. and vice versa)

Hello, I'm planning to create an APP that will always show me the last location of the person who has the APP.
Is that possible? And how can I do that?
I am going to make a password protected screen and then I will see a map that shows the locations.
I also don't want to access the existing apps, that would be boring. I am not planning to spy on anyone, etc. It is about my children. Greetings

You Can Use CloudDB To Save Location History,

One of these tutorials should help you build your app to show locations of individual's locations who have the app.

Adapt them as required. These show how to use the CloudDB control however they can easily be adapted to use the FirebaseDB by replacing CloudDB controls with their FB equivalents.

Also you might find these discussions useful

or more simply How to text your Location to a Phone and Display the Location on a Google Map

  1. Is the database going to be continuously updated with the last location??
  2. How are you intending to have the app running in the background, unless you want the app to be ON and UP all day / night.
  3. If the app is closed, then the LAST position recorded could be archival data and NOT the LATEST data !