Setting listpicker to original list w/o the before picking handler

Regarding the GotFocus events, I have no news.
My guess is that it's harder politically to take away than to give, though there is a benefit to simplicity in its removal.

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@TIMAI2, @Patryk_F, @ABG Sorry for the late reply (I was taking a test). Here is the most current .aia file:
InTheNet.aia (36.6 KB)
Any better suggestions?

Thanks for your input!

@TIMAI2, @Patryk_F, and @ABG, Any suggestions for a better method to reset the list that I could actually do?

Sorry, you have exceeded my complexity limit.
In such circumstances, I start on documenting the app, with a Table of Contents.

P.S. I see you shoot off 3 file loads. How do you know when all 3 have finished loading?

@ABG Why would I need to know when they are finished loading?
Ummmm... If it loads in the listpicker. I didn't realize I would have to know that.

Edit: I will add a table of contents. It's not fun having to figure out the paths over and over again.