Server shutting down

This server will be shutting down shortly. You should move your projects to our production system, as soon as possible. You can download your projects here and upload them to

The first step toward shutdown will happen on May 12th, we will shutoff the “buildserver” and you will no longer be able to package applications.

Hello Can someone explain this to me; What does it mean that the ap inventor platform is moving, closes? ... it asks me to pass all the projects

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Where/How did you get this message ?

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That person said it, although the note leads in 2015 but if the publication on the side says 7 days ago, and the expiration message is from May 12 ... then it is very confusing ... I am permanently translating and I want to clarify this...

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by the way I finished in the app inventor beta version ... but it looks without loading at all

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I can see how the confusion arose, I have removed the links in the historic document.


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