Sending coordinates (10 coordinates) from android to esp32 as a list

I made a plastic bot and I want to send the locations that I have created a listview from android to esp32.
With the esp32 gps module, it will go to the target
coordinates in the list, respectively, with the case command. It will also send active location information to Android.
I just want to send the coordinates of the points I marked with a marker.
but I couldn't read the current coordinates of the marker and couldn't change its position after adding it to the marker.
Can I do this with app inventor? Can you suggest an example? thank you so much.


Perhaps. Sorry, I do not understand what you want to do? "Send the coordinates of the points I marked with a marker" from the Arduino to the esp32 or something else?

To do that you need to know the Marker ID for each Marker; query it and then send the data to a List.

This tutorial might get you started. It does not do what you want to do; it does shows how to gather the information associated with each run time marker ( The type of marker you are using). Knowing how to do that might help you figure out what you hope to do. National Park Tutorial (Markers) updated .

It might be easier to work with design time Markers.

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