SenderTools Extension [Free & Open Source]


SenderTools is an Extension to Send Message, Send File and Send Multiple Files using
App Package Name

This extension won't be updated anymore, that's why I've provided the source code.

Latest Version: 1
Released: 2021-01-07T23:00:00Z
Last Updated: 2021-09-28T22:00:00Z




blocks (1)

Event raised when an error occurs

blocks (2)

Send File with Message to Existing App Package Name

blocks (3)

Send Message to Existing App Package Name

blocks (4)

Send Multiple Files with Message to Existing App Package Name

blocks (5)

Set App Package Name to Register the App Package Name to other blocks


com.SalmanDev.SenderTools.aix (9.0 KB)
Source Code : SenderTools.txt (5.1 KB)


Thank you very much to My Best Teacher @MohamedTamer :kissing_heart:
Thanks to all of you who helped me :star_struck:
And Thanks a lot to MIT :heart:


Where are my replies? And one like?
Edit: I got confused, this is new extension.

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yes, this is my new extension.
See :

Hello, just asking. Why two extension of same use?

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No, the two extensions work differently so I made two topics

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:heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart:
sent send sended


Thank you very much for your support @Ekansh_Pandit_devs :kissing_heart:

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I liked your extension very much... :kissing_heart:

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Thank you very much @Alpha2020 :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

NICE Extension @Salman_Dev

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Thank you for your support @Techno_Vedang :kissing_heart:

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Can the SendMessage be set so the whole process (writing the message and choosing the person to send it to on a specific platform) done on remote? If so, can you give us a hint?

Perfect extension :grin::+1:

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Greate exstension @Salman_Dev :+1:

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Thank you very much @Android_Creator And @Sketch :star_struck: :kissing_heart:

i don't know what do you mean please be clearly
and can you tell me what is your goal?

Ok, I'll try to explain better:

With your extension, is it possible to write the messange and choose the recipient of the message, and the platform where the message should be sent WITHOUT manually choosing them?
I'm aiming to retrieve those information via bluetooth from a separate device, then send them to phone which automatically understands (with your extension) where to send the message so the user should not use the phone to reply but just the separate device connected to it.

yeah that's possible

No, you cannot send messages directly without selecting the person you choose to send.

okay then, why don't you just try my extension?
I suggest you to try my extension so you can know how they work.

Thanks you for the information given, I'll try your extension and see if it's suitable to the idea
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Final Update

SenderTools Extension [Free & Open Source]

  • Fixed Minor Bugs in SendMultipleFiles Block