Send date and time to arduino

Hi all,
I created an app that can send commands via Bluetooth to my Arduino. I would like that when I send a specific command, for example a letter, the app send the date and the time only once (I don't need the refresh). I saw documentation and examples about clock but I don't find anything that can really help me. Some tips, please?

This may help: Bluetooth HC-06. Arduino. Send. Receive. Send text file. Multitouch. Image

May I know that why do you want the date and time from an Arduino? Your mobile can easily give you the current date and time. The clock component will help you get date and time from the mobile.

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Thank you for your interest @Devanshu_Acharya. Can you tell me the number example you are talking about?
I just created an app that can send strings via Bluetooth. My request right now is not, like you said, to have the date and the time FROM Arduino but the opposite. I would like to let Arduino know the date and the time about when it receives the specific command from the app. I think that there has to be a way to send the string of date and time via Bluetooth to Arduino, isn't right? Do you have some idea?
The reason is only that I have still not the sensor that can do it directly to Arduino and because I want to record more data and so I prefer having a track as date and time.
Thank you.

You can get the current time using the Clock component. Send that time using the Bluetooth.SendText block