Send data to another screen

can you see the screen 3 and 11 , i want to send data from screen 3 to 11,pleace help me Municipal_assistance_copy.aia (1.1 MB)

To transfer data between screens:

I note you have a Screen11, did you ignore the warning about using more than 10 screens ?

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ok Thank you to reply
really???, I don't see this warning :confused:

There apparently used to be one. I have never seen it, I only ever use one screen.

ok, see please my file.aia because I do the transfer data but doesn't work that

Please show your relevant blocks for Screen3 and Screen11

Screen 3

Screen 11:

this I hope to help me because I want to send this project to Mr to get the mark because you need submit today and me doesn't work

I do not see you storing a value for the tag colour anywhere (that would have been a relevant block!) on Screen3, unless your textbox1.text is colour ?

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I do same thing to replay my question.
this block before change it :

and see the block foe screen 3

Isn't this a separate question Marwa? Would be better to open a separate Topic for it, and upload the images to the Topic instead of linking.