Scrolling: This is a massive pain

so the scroll function. this is so annoying that the vertical scroll arrangement. this does not provide an actual scrolling function so i need help in getting this function some how

Please provide a more detailed explanation of what you are trying to achieve,
what you have done so far, what works, what doesn’t work…

Please show your relevant blocks,
if relevant, your data or lists,
screenshots of the Designer screen or app in action,
so we can see what you are trying to do…

Right Click in Blocks Editor and select “Download Blocks as Image”
for the best image of your blocks.

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So the main problem is that the scroll function is completely inconsistent. by that i mean that when I use any of the layouts the scroll function never works, by the way the same without layouts, the scroll function doesn’t work

No blocks or designer settings…perhaps share an aia project file?

Do you have Screen1 (or whichever Screen) set to scrollable ? This can impact on the “scrollability” of the vertical scroll arrangement on that screen.

thanks i understand now but i don’t get why there is horizontal and vertical scroll able arrangements when they don’t scroll.

Don’t place Scrollable elements inside other Scrollable elements and it will work fine.

Try this example, should demonstrate how scrolling arrangements work

scrollingscrolls.aia (1.8 KB)