Saving multiple pieces of data to one list item, shown in a list of items represented by one piece of data

I'm trying to make an event Calendar App. Where the user can view a list of community events organized by date and displayed by event title.
I have page that creates the event with several pieces of data input by the user. I want these to be stored and shows in the event calendar screen represented just by the title of the event. I've got it to save and show on the list page. However the list displays every indivual peice of data the user put in for the one event rather last a list OF events. does this make sense? My event creation :

So far my page that lists the events:
Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 3.14.32 PM

So on my screen once user fills out the inputs the list shows Cooking class, Learn to cook, jan 15th, jan 15th, etc etc etc,
I would like it to show a list cooking Class, art class, community walk for example

Hi, if you want to show only the event title you have to save in different way. Probably the best for you could be the dictionary (Here some guide) or you have to save with list of list and then get the data you need . This second way needs more blocks and code to find and sort data.

In your code you save data into a list where every text is a new item in the list but you need to save all the texts under one item .For this you have to use a make a list with all the data and add it like an item into the list. But remember this way need more code to manage data