Savefile Android 9

ooppsss! When the app is instaled as apk, it doesn´t work! :sob:

after several days of trial and error I have learned something. Thank you for your help.
What I have done is:
Use File component with File properties, Default scope, write and read allowed.
Savefile,Appendtofile and Readfile, must be used with only the file name.
However Sharefilewithmessage and File Exists, should be called including the Fullpath: Path Scope App.
I have also learned that working with the installed version and the AI companion version can cause confusion during programming as the files are saved in differents folders and can cause confusion when checking their existence after they have been saved.

So, I have finally come to understand the reason for my concern.
Thanks again

No, it depends on which FileScope is used and / or whether it should be saved in a subfolder.



So this is really not a solution. I'll remove the Solution marker.

Hi Anke,

That was the solution for me. Really.

I have made several tests before publicate my answer.

Maybe, but then your explanation was / is wrong (and would confuse others).

Look closely at this:

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