Save issue on samsung s20

Use variable for saving and reading

probably better to use a label, then you can see where it got saved :wink:
(nothing wrong with using the evaluate but ignore block though)

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Well, it worked to some extent.
Saving is Ok, but when loading which syntax should be used?

These worked:

These didn't work:

just use one of those, which are working, it does not matter which one...

sorry, that tip was wrong... this would display an image from the assets


If → DefaultFileScope is set to → App (default) the → fileName should be (/1.jpg or 1.jpg)
and the path (where the file is saved) is:


regardless of the Android version.

The Image component needs an absolute or a full path:

Thank you, now it works except something.
Taifun screenshot saving doen't work with error "....No such file or directory"

Any suggestion?

These blocks have nothing to do with your posted aia or your previously posted blocks.

Make a right mouse click on this block (Do it):

and post the result.

Three files are to be saved. the first and 3rd are save fine. The second fails.

Do It Result: ECG_Save2021/11/13 16:41--Long.jpg

Do It Result: ECG_Save2021/11/13 17:08--Short.jpg
--- (This Fails)

Do It Result: ECG_Save2021/11/13 16:41--Data.csv

Maybe there is something about Taifun screenshot?
PS: i granted the "permission to write to external memory" on screen initialize, but nothing changed.

are you using the latest version 2 of the screenshot extension?
does the example project work for you?


Of course, because the (sub) folders don't exist.

The TaifunScreenshot.FileName should be e.g. like this:


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No, It's V.1.
How can I upgrade it?
If I remove the old one, all related blocks are deleted. I cannot import the new one because there is another one.

So why the other ones work? with exactly the same syntax

Have you tried changing the filename as shown?
If so, does it work? I think so.

Import the new version and magically it will upgrade the previous version



in this case do it manually like this


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If importing of an extensions fails:

Watch the gif animation here and try the aia, then you will understand:

Thanks. The saving problem was solved.

Thanks :relaxed: :relaxed:

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