Save Images From MitAppInventor To Firebase

Yes I did. Now things changed. I do not know what is happening but there should be a problem in connecting with companion and in the apk builder also. Now it works... (?) :sweat_smile:

Well finally, that's what I thought.
So I'll remove the Solution marker.

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I'll wait a little longer to see if there are any objections or if anyone claims my approach won't work for them until I mark my approach as a solution.

Note: Why you should use the ASD already from now on.
I think it is not a good idea to do it this way: @TIMAI2

When AI2 has to target API 30 (Aug 2021), this might cause (further) problems. Since directories outside of the ASD require WRITE permission (for devices with API < 29), adjustments must be made in the Manifest, see here:

    android:maxSdkVersion="28" />

Will this be automatically declared by AI2 in the Manifest? :man_shrugging:
If I had published apps on the Play Store, I wouldn't rely on that. In addition when using only ASD no permissions (READ/WRITE) will be required.

In order to avoid the requirement of these permission, one should already now do it as I suggested (although permissions are still incorrectly requested by some components at the moment; but I'm (pretty) sure this will no longer be the case from Aug 2021).

  1. Then ask for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on API < 29, you do not need it for API > 29 because you have the ASD
  2. There is no ASD in API <29
  3. I assume you create the ASD somewhere else in your blocks for API < 29

We beat this one to death in another topic, let us not go there again :slight_smile:

This happens automatically in both cases, whereby it is incorrectly with the ASD.

This is created by Canvas.

It is created by the Canvas component.

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