Save all map markers after a user registers

Hey there! After doing a quick search I haven't found any simillar topics. Let me explain the problem I am facing. I am making an app where fishers all over the world can create their own store in the app. I want the fishers to select their location and then get its longtitude and latitude. Afterwards, both of these are saved on CloudDB inside a list. The problem is that I can't find a way to dynamically create markers for the new shops created. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

Welcome Tolis.

is discussed here National Park Tutorial (Markers) updated .

You might be able to do what you want to do with the fish locations provided you only post the locations associated with a user's Tag . If you cannot do it with run time markers you probably could code as many design time markers (use as many markers as any fisher might be allowed to post). Hide those markers any specific user will not use and display the needed Markers.

What have you tried Tolis? Have you created an app that would allow you to do this for just a single user yet?

Here are a few similar Projects being discussed (they do not use CloudDB) :

Hey! I have already trying fetching the tags and then for each tag running a create marker command but it didnt work as the for command was reading both lists (tags and the list created for each shop). I don't know what else to try.

( I have just seen the National Parks app, seems very well made but is there a way to do it through lists? )

Run time Markers are easier than I thought.

This simple code plots runtime Markers from a List

Similar code can be used where the List is stored in the CloudDB. :cry:

Button1 stores an example List under the Tag Steve. Button2 reads the CloudDB Tag and posts the Markers.