Run Time Error About the operation not accepting the "bad arguements"

I have been trying to complete a project for my IT class and this message keeps on popping up:

and here's an image of my coding:

Please help me as soon as possible!!

Hi Castro.

There is something wrong about your code in your second screenshot.

You see, it tries to subtract 1 from "Time Left", which is unreasonable. It would be nice if you additionally upload the AIA file here so that I may help you to debug it.

P4Project2LiaCastro11022022.aia (137.1 KB)

here is the file, and thank you for your help !!

and what I am trying to do with the subtraction is to make the timer to go down by 1 second.

Ah, I see where the error is.

You have sometimes messed up "WordTimeLeftLabel" with "SecondsLabel". The real countdown should be dealing with the SecondsLabel.

Please try to use this file as your new project and see if it works. Note that your project already exists, try deleting the old one and replacing that with my AIA, or rename it on your computer by changing the file name.

P4Project2LiaCastro11022022.aia (137.1 KB)

Thank you for clarifying that and for your help

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