Retrieve (geocoordinate) data from firebase

Gooday Day! I would like ask help on how to retrieve latitude and longitude data from firebase and assigned it to variable in MIT App Inventor and Label. Here are the blocks and database structure. Any help is very much appreciated.


Welcome @JXCN_AD Assuming you have a way of entering geocoordinates into FirebaseDB (you do not show how you do that), this code snippet may help you retrieve it.

These Blocks assigns the latitude / longitude pairs to variables thelat and thelon. You can assign those values to your labels.

This tutorial show how you can do something similar using a CloudDB

This tutorial is also related

Does this help?

Thank you so much @SteveJG for the help. I`ll let oyu know as soon as i got into it. As for the sending of coordinates, its actually from arduino with gps module and sim900 gsm module. i actually also had a problem on sending the coordinates to firebase as it doesnt receive from an http connection.

sorry for the very late reply. life caught up right now. it seems the lat ang long value still wont seperate from each other and the long value assigns to the lat label.

*Edit. Its ok now it was my mistake. thanks you so much for the help.