Result Declaration

Today is 13 August 2021 Finalists of Appathon For Good 2021 are announced today!

Did you Receive The Results

No, not yet

What is the tentative time of result declaration?

I think mostly the result will be declared around 8-9:00 pm IST or around 10:30-11:30 am EDT because then the judges will wake up and edit the website around that time but I am not sure

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Finalists Not announced yet... :frowning_face:

Did anyone get results?

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No i did nt gt it

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The announcement thread is here:


hey all any idea when will the winners will be announced , I mean at what time ?

When it is announced. Not later and not earlier. I guess we will see a lot of these replies today. Please just be patient.


okay @Peter

Yes, there is no time mentioned. All we have to do is just be patient.

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Hi, Everyone it is almost night here in India.
Are dates postponed again?
Can you please tell @Peter or @ewpatton

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So after six hours you are not patient anymore? That it is almost night in India doenst mean that it is that time everywhere. You gave yourself the best advise. Just be patient.



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any hint when are we expecting the results ?

If Anybody had a hint they would have said it. Everyone are waiting for results as your are :slightly_smiling_face:


@themaayur 1 hour gone

I hope results will be announced in few hours. Waiting Eagerly

@KrishnaRaghavendran same here


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