Repositioning Tools Extension

I am saving x, y and dragging button back to same, but the button walks each cycle until off the vertical arrangement.

also I notice as I drag the button a long distance it doesn't stay directly under my touch, rather it lags behind a little

im still having issues with this not positioning correctly. im saving the xy to a file, i read it correctly . i display the coordinates in lower left, and you can see where the buttons end up

Hello, @Kevin_Kesler ,
Can you please tell me what is the expected result?

these same blocks do NOT work properly with more than one component in Arrangement
the file was not altered, but the button was not put into the position saved in file.
the correct position after dragging was displayed and saved

I tried to add blocks to show the position of the button as it is positioned by clicking on the button, but I
cant find a way to get the x,y without dragging again.

UploadedReposition.aia (51.7 KB)

@MohamedTamer how can i fix , If you drag it, instead of overlapping, the object will be hidden behind another button.