Removing appended lists

Hello, is there any way, to remove things from list, that i appended to?
ex. Appended list1 and list2 into the allLists and want to remove list2 from allLists
is there any way to do it please? Thanks for the answers

Yes, use indexes, and/or the contents of the previously appended list/s.

Could you please show me, how do i remove it by the contents that are inside? I´m kidna a newbie into this

Provide an example of two lists, then one appended to another.

Use RemoveItems block from ListUtils extension

Here we have two lists where list2 is appended to list1


Assuming that none of the elements in list2 match any of the elements in list1, you can use this:


If there are duplicate elements in list1 and list2, then use this instead:



Just simply make a copy of list1 before appending list2, and set list1 to the copy.

Hello! I have a certain situation like this, i want to remove for example "gold1, gold2, gold3, gold4" from cardList when you uncheck a Checkbox "Gold" how can i do it please? in cardList i append all categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond) into "cardList", and when you uncheck a checkbox with a certain rarity, it will get removed from a "cardList" pool.

How can i do it please?

You just need to rebuild your cardlist

I want to remove one rarity, when i uncheck it, and when i check it back, i want to append it into the list again, if you understand what im trying to do

Maybe this list based setup would work better for you ...

Hello! I´m basically making an app, in which you will get randomly generated a team of cards, with rarities of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. I do append all cards into one list at the start of an application. I have checkboxes there, which when you uncheck, cards of that rarity should be removed from list. When re-checked back, they should be added back to the pool. Any ideas to help me with this please? I can change it to DB from list, if it would make it easier. Ah, and the last thing is, that i have images in the list. Basically when you hit random it changes the image to the card you should use.

It might be easier to keep them in separate lists, and get all of them when you need them.

Right, but its the pool, that selects from all cards, so i cant have them in separate lists

as mentioned here Removing appended lists - #8 by Kevinkun, you just need to rebuild the list.

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