Remove duplicates from a populated listview of names

Hello everyone, please can you suggest me how to remove duplicates from a listview populated with names.


Meanwhile, a warm greeting, happy to hear from you and thanks for your availability.
I searched for that component but I can't find it, neither in listview nor in Lists

I have better, if I enter a name in a textbox, I can check if that name exists in the listview and then not enter it.

I'll try Thanks

You could create a procedure instead of using an extension:

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Nor have I found another one, but I don't know how to call it in my app, could you add the missing blocks' Please.

I knew I had to use the procedure name but it doesn't appear in the components.
Also in this one you posted to me I don't know where to go to insert the block to call it.
If it were possible that all duplicates together could be eliminated it would be optimal instead of one at a time with the button.

Duplicate (1).aia (2.4 KB)

Sorry I was wrong to send the '.aia this is the one to correct, I do not know how to call the procedure

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Try this one Duplicate_2.aia (3.0 KB)

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Thanks Dora, it works. but he eliminates only one duplicate, in this case he has only eliminated Antonio, and even if he clicks a second time and a third time, nothing happens.
I would have expected that by clicking every time it would eliminate one, but nothing, am I wrong something?

I understand that for you everything must be clear when you give answers, but believe me for how much I try, and for how much I try to learn the procedures, every example that I find always starts from the consideration that you still have a preparation that is able to even with examples which will surely be clear to you, but to me it is Arabic. I am sending you the file aia please insert what is missing, your example I do not understand.
Duplicate_3.aia (2.4 KB)

My aia works Note that removing duplicates is case sensitive so Alessandro is not the same as ALessandro




Great Dora, you too with your skills have solved a problem for me. A hug and many many compliments.

Thanks also to all the others for their time, always ready to help me with examples that unfortunately sometimes, indeed often, I am not able to understand.

Thanks guys for your patience and your help and I promise you (maybe it will never happen considering my preparation) but if it happens, that my app is successful, I will remember all of you rest assured.

I repeat, I would like to make donations, even for some extensions that I am using even if for free. Mma as I have already written PayPal, it requires you to open an account, create something different because I have to open an account, I have no intention and I don't understand why I have to open an account, just to make a donation.
Notify me if you have changed your system.

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