Register Login Problem

Have tested your app using companion on my Chromebook (Android 9) and my Google Pixel 4a (Android 13). Also compiled and installed on my Google Pixel.

The app works as expected in all three instances, no issues with register or login.

There might be an issue with passwords longer than 8 with repeating characters...

password cannot longer than 8?
Because i test with password ABcd1234% dont hv repeating characters also...

I have tested the password verifier, and that works for passwords longer than 8, with repeating characters.

Try user: testtim1 pass: ABcd1234%

at your end, does login work ?

the login now work(?)

can i ask anything that you has done? or is that because my username too short/not met the requirement? (used before: nsy, nsy1, test)

I did not change anything.

Login with a username of three characters works for me (as shown in the guide...)

I only able to login the one that u create, all the user that create by me for testing with username test2, testtim2. nsy, nsy2, test all same situation cannot login.... always login failed...

testtim1 login successfull, it will also prompt out the message "Failed Login" at the yellow page..

is that because the encrypt and decrypt file not in my local pc drive?

The encryption HTML files call in the crypto JavaScript from the internet, so a network connection is required. I am assuming you have not edited these....

can I ask where to edit? I am using company ethernet to do the testing, It may because the firewall, or do have others place that need to be configure?

Do not edit the two html files unless you really know what you are doing, you will break the encryption/decryption workflow, and the app workflow.