Read data of the counter with nodemcu esp8266 on the app using mit

i have 2 buttons with two counters attached to node mcu esp8266, now i just want to read the data of the counters in my app.

like if i press button 1 counter 1 increases and i press button 2 counter 2 increases and with reset button both counters gets reset. now i want that this data which is displyed on the screen should be displayed on my app that was made in mit app inventor.. is anyone know how to do it so kindly guide me in this.

i was unable to understand it can you just send the the pic of block digrams of mit app or if you know how to do it can we connect if possible

Do example 4, so you can see how it works.

4.- La App solicita dos números aleatorios al ESP8266 por WiFi.

Apakah masalah anda sudah beres...??