RE: Removes Permission?

Thanks for agreeing to look at this. I hope I've done as much of the work as possible.

I created two test versions of my APK. I appended the name of the first one with "_LS", for Location Sensor and I appended the second one with "_LS_TW" for Location Sensor + Taifun WiFi.

I've attached text versions of the manifest for both APKs:
The _LS APK: AndroidManifest_LS.txt (3.0 KB)
and the _LS_TW APK: AndroidManifes_LS_TW.txt (2.7 KB)

I used Notepad++ to do a comparison of the two text APK's. Unfortunately I don't know how to output the colored version of the comparison – I could only take screenshots:

The_LS comparison window screenshot:

The_LS_TW comparison window screenshot:

Comparing the two screenshots:
Line 4 on the _LS manifest is missing the Change_Wi-Fi_State permission – that's to be expected.
On line 20 there is a name difference in the two manifests – also to be expected.
On lines 25-29 the _LS_TW manifest is missing the service declaration – Bingo

I would be willing to bet this is the problem. Do you agree?


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