Query List Google Spreadsheet

Right click on the block and "Do It"

it just says:

Do It Result: ""

Did you run the request ?
Did you set the label to responseContent ?

Hello, sorry for the long wait for a reply, but i finally found the fix. but now whenever the queried data is searched, the output format doesn't look too nice. I was wondering if there is a fix to that?

these are the blocks that I have fixed. I don't know if the way the listview element blocks is the cause of the text format in the list view. All I know is that I can't set the listview as element when wanting to display the data because it'll show an error, I have to use elementfromstring

here are the edited blocks:

here is the output:

Try this to remove the [" "]

Rather than assigning a list directly into a text field, try this block to give you a clean conversion to text without the " and [] sneaking in:
JOIN LIST With separator ','
If the list has only 1 item, you would get item1, no wrappers.

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