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Hello good afternoon, I have a question about QR code scanner. I currently created an app that has a barcode scanner and i want to try to send the information that i scan, to a google sheets .csv spreadsheet. For example if i scan a QR code i want the information to show in the .csv file with the name under the name column, the number under the number column, etc. I actually have 2 questions:

  1. Would it be possible to achieve this simply by scanning the code? or…

  2. Would it be possible to accomplish the same by scanning a QR code with my barcode scanner and then sending that information to another screen in my app where i have a textbox and spinner, what i mean by this is that if i scan the QR code can i automatically fill in my textbox and spinner fields from that QR code and then click the save button so that the name and number from that specific QR code saves into the .csv? (i have already successfully connected my textboxes and spinners to a specific .csv i created, so i was curious if this method was possible?) Thank you so much for the help in advance. I always appreciate the input.

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Show us how the number and name come back from the QR code reader.

Actually I will change my question…so upon testing with an external qr code scanner i see the information was saved to my spreadsheet after i prefilled the form and created the QR code . So i guess my real question is how can i scan the barcode using the app inventor barcode scanner instead of the external scanner? I guess previously i was overthinking the whole QR code issue, but now i am just trying to figure out how to use the actual App inventor barcode scanner. (I also downloaded an external barcode scanner to test the app inventor barcode scanner but it is not working. The external scanner i downloaded was QR and Barcode Scanner from the play store) what else would i need to do to make this work? Would i have to do something to the actual code? From what i found, by downloading an external barcode scanner it should automatically connect, but im not sure what is happening. The error i get is “Error 1501: Your device does not have a scanning application installed”…Again i really appreciate the help.


i have the same issue. have you solve this already?

Uncheck UseExternalScanner from BarcodeScanner Properties in Designer View


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