Push Notification doesn't function

I'm trying to send push notifications and the message isn't not sended.
No error message is showed, but the notification isn't showed too.

I try with TaitunNotification Extension and other, but didn't have sucess.
Can anybody help me?

Taifun .

from the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Notification | Pura Vida Apps

This is a simple notification extension and currently only runs on older Android versions, i.e. < Android 8. Therefore my recommendation is to use one of the other available notification extensions, see also here.

You also might be interested in my Alarm Manager Extension with Notifications, which still works also if your app is not running.


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Is your device Android 10?

Android >8 does not work

Thanks for the answer.
My android is 8.1.0.

There are some extension for versions less than 10?

The extension in this link were different that the extentio a tested.
But dosn't work with this extension too.
My android is 8.1.0.

There are some extension for versions less than 10?

And, its possibile to verify the android version in aap inventor before call the functions of extensions?

well, as already said earlier the extension only works for Android < 8, which means, for Android 8.1. obviously it will not work

it does not look like you read my previous answer... also it does not look lke you followed the given link...

what about using a notification extension, which works for all versions?

see also my answer here

see also


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