Puravida mysql interface error

Hi everyone,
I’ve downloaded puravida mysql interface to learn how to connect to a mysql db.
I receive “cannot parse text argument to ‘list from csv table’ as a csv-formatted table” error; I’ve seen note (#4) on taifun page, but I don’t understand how to resolve this.
Someone have suggestion?

It basically says:
For troubleshooting add these blocks
in the Web1.GotText event

This will allow you to see what’s being retrieved, if it’s not in correct .csv format you’ll need to resolve that.


This is result

Are you using the correct url to the php page ? You seem to be getting raw html back ?

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it seem so. php page url is correct

Here html code in the lblResult:

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What other files do you have in the url directory you are calling?

Show the url you are using and the contents of the directory it resides in.

Also show your php file

Only file is mysql.php (same file downloaded from taifun site).
Here the file:

File is in htdocs directory.

Free hosting:
this security system is mandatory on all free hosting accounts and cannot be disabled.

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did you follow the setup instructions?


Put the PHP code on your web server
Set the SQLKEY in your app and in the PHP code, they must match for this code to work
Setup your database connection information in the php script
Try out the code

what is the URL to your php script?


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Yes Taifun:
php file is on the server
same SQLKEY in file and app
setup info db in the script

This is url to php script:

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Thanks Juan_Antonio,
so there is no solution with infinityfree.
Anyone know free service with mysql that I can use to test my app?
Or a solution to use my second pc (with ubuntu) like server?

MySQLi works with https://www.000webhost.com/

Install Apache in Ubuntu:

MariaDB ~ MySQL

Raspberry Pi:


Orange similar to Raspberry Pi:

Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) Stack on Ubuntu 18.04 | DevAnswers.co

Thank to everyone.
I will try with 000webhost now.

Here a tutorial:

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