Punya framework (filescopes ?)

Hey guys, if someone can inform me, who has knowledge of PUNYA, does this version of the mit app inventor , have default file scope option? to revert to legacy?

umm are you using some components that only punya framework has and not normal ai2 if not than simply download aia file and import it :thinking:

The google drive extension is the one thats not on the normal ai2. This is the one i want to use to export files from the app to google drive. There is a work around on ai2 but im struggeling to get it to work. My app creates pdf documents in my selected documents folder on the phone, after that i want the dile to automatically be also sent to the drive.

Does punya not have the same, new, file component (with the helper blocks) as AppInventor has ?

Or the filescope setting in Screen1.properties ?

I see you are also developing in Niotron, is this a wild goose chase? Why using Punya in the first place ?

maybe you can use cloudinary as alternative ? or you can buy the gdrive extension by @vknow360

I wat trying all platforms. The thing with niotron is that the same blocks which work in ai2 does not work in niotron. I have asked the question in niotron community.

Well you were given all the answers you needed when working in AI2, weren't you ? (for saving your file on the device)

Uploading the file to google drive takes some work, but is straightforward enough...