Publishing to New Gallery

Thank you for your suggestion, I did click on "Login to Gallery" and it did not work.
Here is the message I get:
"This Gallery hasn't been connected to this version of MIT App Inventor"

What version of App Inventor 2 are you using ? The main server or the code.appinventor... server? You should be using nb186.

If you go to Help>About do you see the About MIT App Inventor pop-up and does it show nb186?

I am using nb 186a

There seems to be a problem with MIT Nouneh. I get this response

I do not know why. I am sending a note to one of the developers at MIT and they may be able to resolve the issue. It may take a while, this being a weekend.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your assistance. I hope we will know before Wednesday, so I can turn in my assignment.

Something is definitely broken. I'm looking into it now!


OK. It should work now...


Yeah it worked! Thank you so much for fixing the problem on Sunday night! I have been struggling with this since morning! Thank you again.

Thank you Steve, Jeff was able to fix the problem, I am grateful for your assistance. Thank you to both of you!

I have the same problem , when I click on Login to Gallery a new page opens ( ) and asks me to register


If I go to I get the message You are not logged in.

Any help appreciated

Did you complete the registraton? Accounts on the Gallery are separate, but linked, to your account on App Inventor. If you didn't fill out the registration form and then went to the Gallery home page you will find that you are not logged in.


Thank you, completed registration and works fine :slight_smile:

@jis yes that is what you have to do, however the release notes indicate you can read more about the new gallery at Gallery Introduction.

This part of the introduction is confusing: Because the existing Gallery is integrated into MIT App Inventor there was no need for a separate login. Because the new gallery is separate than MIT App Inventor you need to login into it. However, you do not use a separate login. Instead, from the Projects Tab in MIT App Inventor there is a new button “Login to Gallery” that opens the Gallery in a new window and logs you in. Unfortunately, that is not how getting access to the Gallery works. A user must reenter an email and name as requested and hit Submit to log you in. This does not occur automatically as the advice implies. :cry: Need better directions.

I agree. Donation of wording accepted :slight_smile:


@jis Hmm. This is difficult.

The 'new' Gallery requires additional log in information from you.

To enter the Gallery, use the Projects tab in MIT App Inventor. Select My projects and locate the new button "Login to Gallery". Click the button. The first time you use the new Gallery button you must log-in. Provide your email and name in the spaces provided and press Submit. You should see the new Gallery pages.

Subsequent log-in to the Gallery happens automatically after you use the Login to Gallery or Publish to Gallery buttons. You will already be logged in.

Maybe someone can test the donation?

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The email/password needs to be the one you use to access App Inventor :wink:

To be clear. There is no password required for the Gallery. The email address does not have to be the same as the one used for App Inventor. It should also be optional (it may not be, in which case I should fix it).


Oh.... :woozy_face:

The email and name fields need to be filled, otherwise Submit does not execute.

So the suggested 'donation' should be modified depending on whether you 'fix' it or the way it works stays the same.

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