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My app (a board game) is ready to be published. I’m a Google Play developer, but I can’t publish the game because I always get an error message:
“Your APK or Android App Bundle Package uses permissions (android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS) that require privacy policies.”
I do not manage an account or collect personal information. This is a simple board game. What should I do to get it on Google Play? Or anywhere? (where?)

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A guess is you use an extension that asks for Contact information See GetACCOUNTS or asks for payments.

Is that true? If not, tell us more about your app.

I do not use an extension in the program. There is only one world record on a remote server (Firebase consol). It is requesting permission for images on your phone only. But now I have reinstalled and denied file access and it still works.
About the program: I developed it for 2 years and now there are 14,561 blocks.

You need to add a privacy policy link to your Google Play listing which explains what data you collect from your users.

Can you show which components you use?

If the permission isn't needed in your app, try to remove it from the Manifest.

How can I do it?

I use FireBase component to store worldrecordlist on a server what every player can get if hit the record.
I don't collect data from users or account only player type name to save worldrecord.

Almost the same steps as shown here:

  1. build APK
  2. decompile APK (APK Editor Studio)
  3. edit the Manifest
  4. sign APK
  5. save / recompile

Why does App Inventor by default make it a manifest that I want to access accounts?
This is very annoying and unnecessary.

How can this be disabled?

As @yusufcihan said, show all components (& extensions) used in your app.

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In a empty app, there will be no GET_ACCOUNTS permission in the app, (you can check it by compiling a blank app) when you use a component or/and extension which requires a specific permission, then it will be added to manifest directly.

That's why we are asking which components and extensions you use in app. Without this information, we can't help about your question.

OK. I say:
No extension at all.
Timers (lot of)
TinyDB (for local storage)
FireBaseDB (for world record storage)
Notifiers (for pop up notification)
This is a simple board game.