Problems with Screen Navigation testing IPAs

I had do real tests and with a more copmplex aia when you are on the screen2 or 3 it close after a 1 minut without no doing nothing. Whit smallet AIA you can not detect this erratic issues (random close the app).

I think that when you navigate between screens the system has unforeseen behavior and that is why I think it still requires further analysis from MIT (@ewpatton)

Hello @ewpatton
The screen navigation is running well, but when we have open one screenX over the screen1 always after ca 1 minute that we are on screenX, more or less, the app close automatically. It happens whit real AIA, for this reason is not detected with easy and small examples.

Are there timers involved in this situation at all?

Always before to open a new ScreenX I disable the TimerClock. I have Timer but not available for a Screen1 when I open a new ScreenX. And also when I return to Screen1 closing the ScreenX I open the Timer on the event OtherScreenClosed.

Are you able to pull the diagnostic files from your iOS device? I might be able to use those to understand what is causing the crashes.

iPhone X with iOS version 16.7.7