Problems with getting data from json

Hello, im working on a project of a quiz game. I try to retrieve data from json file but i keep getting errors where the JSON.text.decode.with.dictionary is an irritant. I want to have the question, correct answer and incorrect answers values. I upload my code and the structure of the json in online viewer.

I would be pleased if somebody could help me.

Are you running on ios?

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yes i do. Can it be an issue?

I believe the problem is with TextDecodewithDictionaries block, see

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Things seem to be clear now, thanks. Do You have any idea how to overcome this problem? Is there any solution that can help me to get these 3 values that I need to make an app working?

Maybe work like this ?


While running this code I error of different type. I did almost the same as You did with that difference that i wanted to change the label text at the end of my code. Error message is on screen. Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 12.28.30