Problem with App Inventor and bluetooth arduino

Good morning, I am doing a project of an automated house that is controlled by bluetooth with an application designed in App Inventor. I managed to synchronize the arduino bluetooth module with the App, the problem appears when I create new screens to activate other controls. In this case the bluetooth stops working and only works on the main screen. How can I manage to command the controls of all the screens from the same bluetooth?
thank you very much

I am in the same situation and I need to send the buttons of both screen 1 and screen 2 via bluetooth, how can I make the same bluetooth work with both screens?
Thank you


Stack Vertical Arrangements in Screen1 and make only 1 visible at a time.

BlueTooth does not play well with multiple screens.

AI2 has copy/paste in the Designer, and it works at high levels like Arrangements and even Screens.