Problem downloading pdf to local storage

Hi all! i was using puravidaapps file by file aia from Taifun in the following link to download pdf file to local storage

however, my web pdf url look like this:-

it can be viewed from web after pasting the link into the broswer

and the pdf cannot be downloaded in the app as expected.

when i use another link from the net (, evn though is it larger in size and slower to load, it worked in the app.

i reckon it is because the first pdf was somehow generated (or the url end with "PDF"?) when i make the request so it is not ready for download.

I searched over the community but nothing seems similar to my case. Anythings i can do to resolve this issue. many thanks!

The first link will try to open the pdf in a viewer, it is not a link to the file. Can you get a direct link to the file/s on that server ?

You may need to use a webviewer / custom webviewer extension in order to download.

The second link is to a completely different pdf ?

i cannot find the direct pdf link for:-

the second one is just a sample i found in the internet.

i tried webviewer but it wont display the content of the first link either.

i tried custom webviewer but i cannot even open the custom viewer itself successful using create webview, block attached. any sample aia file i can use?


Hi @Glam1987 ,
Check this:

i tried but it wont work for both the following links.

Block attached.

it could show the pdf for the following path

however, someone it only show first 6 pages of the pdf. i believe it is because the "&showComment=0&showPhoto=1&popup=true" was mistaken up by google document viewer to be a script for google to interpret but not as part of the url.

Are you talking about downloading file or viewing file?

Thanks vknow360. yes i should focus on downloading the pdf rather viewing.

and it worked!. block attached.

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